Teaching in Current Position

  • Introduction to Media Writing & Storytelling, JMC 2033
    • Serve as coordinator for all sections since spring 2022 (10-15 sections per semester)
      • Train new instructors
      • Created, maintain and update template Canvas course
      • Provide additional support to students in all sections
      • Write quizzes and exams for all sections
    • Teach sections as needed, 16 students per section
    • Revamped curriculum and materials, summer 2014
    • Continue contributions to yearly updates of curriculum and materials
An introduction to feature writing lecture for JMC 2033. As part of the coordination efforts for the Intro to Media Writing class, I have created a series of video lectures to assist in the flipped nature of the course design. Students watch video lectures online, outside of class, so that more of class time can be spent in “lab” mode, working on assignments and receiving coaching from their instructors.

Additional video lectures for JMC 2033, Intro to Media Writing, can be found on my YouTube channel. Examples are linked below.

Additional Teaching in Current Position

  • Multimedia Journalism, JMC 3003
    • Teach 1-2 sections yearly starting in fall 2020
    • Added additional content to curriculum including online portfolio building and use of informational graphics with news stories
  • Media Law, JMC 4813
    • Teach sections as needed (three times since 2020)
    • Prepped course for mixed synchronous and asynchronous delivery via Zoom during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Journalism, Ethics & Democracy, JMC 4863 (senior capstone class)
    • Teaching for first time in fall 2023
    • Class fulfills the journalism seniors’ final capstone requirement
  • Feature Writing, JMC 3023 (elective)
    • Teach sections as needed
    • Focus on various feature writing genres and structures for print & digital publications
  • Narrative Storytelling for Social Impact, JMC 5001
    • One hour, graduate-level special elective course, taught twice since 2022
    • Provides students with knowledge about the processes and structures of nonfiction narrative storytelling to influence positive change to, or at least a deeper awareness of, current social injustices.
    • Coursework will include analysis of a variety of narrative nonfiction works, as well as research and an outline and pitch for an original narrative nonfiction work related to a current social issue.
  • Project/Thesis, JMC 5901
    • Taught for first time in spring 2023
    • Course helps orient graduate students and work toward writing the introduction and literature outline of a thesis/project prospectus
  • Graphic Design for Media Storytelling & Promotion, JMC 5001
    • One hour, graduate-level special elective course, fall 2018 – 2021
    • Focuses on elements of design, typography, and imagery as they apply to visual storytelling and promotion components in the media industry.
    • Explores design theory, color theory, and visual literacy and moves into practice with graphic design projects common to journalism, professional writing, strategic communication, and other areas of visual communication.
  • Introduction to Media, JMC 1013
    • Taught one section yearly of first class in JMC major
      • 2013 – 2016, honors section, 30 students per section
      • 2017 – 2021, general section, 180 students per section
    • Part of team to revamp 1013 curriculum, increase diversity and media literacy content
    • Coordinate student section leaders for weekly small group session meetings
    • Create/maintain workbook for 1013 student section leaders