Professional Writing

→As a 2003 master’s graduate of the professional writing sequence at the University of Oklahoma Gaylord College, I’m exuberant any time my work is published in any capacity.

For me, it’s the ultimate example of “using” that degree. When I began the program in 2001, I only had aspirations of publishing novels, and while that has happened via Amazon’s digital publishing (check out my young adult books!), I have branched out in professional writing in ways my naive 22-year-old master’s student self never imagined, including magazine articles, stage plays and film.

Some of my more recent publications include:

Feature articles with Luxiere Oklahoma magazine including descriptive pieces of impressive homes, (p. 23) profiles of inspirational people (p. 16) making a difference in our state, personal obsessions (p. 14) and little diddies on hidden gems for food (p. 12), shopping, (p. 22) and, of course, wine.

Oklahoma Living magazine has given me so much fun freelance work, starting in 2007. A couple of years ago, I met one of the most interesting characters I’ve had the pleasure to interview, a Will Rogers impersonator (p.16) who just happened into the job.

My husband, also a writer, and I never thought we would see our work on a stage, but that happened in 2013, 2015 and 2017 with our co-written stage play, Alcoholidays, aptly named for the plot of following a couple around as they attend four obligatory holiday parties and drink just a tad too much along the way.

And then, in 2018 my first solo work for the stage, Faithiest, debuted in Oklahoma City. Both Ted and I have been part of the NAMRON 24-hour play festival in recent years.

And, while I am certain I wrote atrocious short fiction while in the short fiction class at Gaylord, somewhere along the way, I must have improved those skills. A short film script, that I first wrote for the deadCENTER Film Festival’s script contest and won best screenplay for in 2013, has also won awards as a short film after my husband put it together for the screen: 2016 Fly Film Festival Best Oklahoma Short Film and 2015 Austin Revolution Film Festival Best Short Comedy.